Website Instructions for Members

This video shows the basics of how to log into the website and sign up for roles:

A password is required to sign up for roles, sign up as a speaker, update your member profile, or access information designated at members-only.

If you don’t know your password, you can reset it by entering your user name (if you remember it) or the email address where you get club notices. If you’re really stuck, contact David F. Carr at 954-757-5827.

When you sign up as a speaker, we ask that you also specify the manual and project number associated with your speech.

You should also prepare a written introduction that the Toastmaster of the Day can read or paraphrase when introducing you and your speech. Print that and present it to the Toastmaster at the beginning of the meeting.

Officers/Organizers: here’s how to print the signup sheet and update the roster.