Toastmaster of the Day Resources

When you are Toastmaster of the Day, you are expected to bring printouts of the agenda. We have a supply of the role description sheets already printed for you to distribute to the timer, ah counter, etc.

Log in to the website to print the agenda. It’s meant to print a fairly clean version from the website, but you can also copy and paste the text into a Word Document to reformat or add to it.

There is a row of links at the top of the meeting notice page on the website for tasks like Print Agenda, Print Speech Introductions (if the speakers have entered their intros into the website) and Edit Agenda Roles.

Agenda Links

You can either print the agenda directly from the website, or download it to Microsoft Word to format it or add information. The file will be downloaded as an RTF (Rich Text Format) file that you should be able to open in any version of Word or any other word processor.

Downloading the Agenda to Word

If you are calling members to try to fill open roles, you should record any changes in the website so we won’t have other members signing up for the same roles or speaking opportunities. Clicking on Edit Agenda Roles allows you to modify any of the role or speaking assignments for that week’s meeting, not just your own signups.

Edit Roles

You can also send the agenda by email with a note, by clicking on the Email Roster link. This is similar to the way the old Free Toast Host website functioned. This version also compiles a list of the open roles that remain to be filled.

Email the Roster