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Friday September 17, 2021

Club Mission: We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Club #: 2445
Area: 34
Division: C
District: 47


Deborah Pinnock, LD5

VP of Education
Edgar Macero, VC2

VP of Membership
Tricia Jervis, IP3

VP of Public Relations
Tamra Smart

Sgt. at Arms
Jose Perales, DL4

Nardia Aldridge, PM1

Mark Combs

Immediate Past President
Tyler Storer, MS2

Production Manager
David F. Carr, DTM

Club Awesome is now conducting fully online meetings as a temporary measure. We still plan to resume hybrid meetings — onsite at the Panthers Ice Den in Coral Springs but with members also welcome to attend online — as soon as current concerns about COVID abate. Guests should register by filling out the form at the bottom of the agenda page to get the online meeting link.

Toastmasters Agenda Note

Zoom meeting

To join from the Zoom app, enter this meeting ID and password
Meeting ID: 841 579 7639
Password: 954954

Try to join at least 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled start time to make sure you can get things working.

 Sgt. at Arms calls the contest to order and introduces the Contest Master.

7:00 AM Contest Master Bruce Goldfarb, ACB, CL
Delivers opening remarks
7:05 AM Chief Judge Tricia Jervis, IP3
Explains the rules. Asks the timers to demonstrate the timing lights.
Timer 1 Edgar Macero, VC2
Timer 2 Lorraine Campbell, DTM
Ballot Counter 1 Open
Ballot Counter 2 David F. Carr, DTM

7:10 AM The Contest Master introduces the Test Speaker, who delivers a 5-7 minute speech.

7:20 AM The contestants leave the room to prepare their notes.

7:25 AM Evaluation Contestant 1 Bruce Pockey, DTM
Evaluation Contestant 2 Garfield Pitter, PI4
Evaluation Contestant 3 Mike Caserta, IP1
Evaluation Contestant 4 Jose Perales, DL4
Evaluation Contestant 5 Open
Evaluation Contestant 6 Open

7:49 AM Ballot counters collect the votes of the judges and report back when the ballot counting is finished. During this time, the Contest Master may interview the contestants.

7:59 AM Awards Ceremony

8:09 AM Topics Master Annie Ayoung-Chee, PM1
Each Table Topics Speaker  Green: 1  Yellow: 1:30  Red: 2

8:24 AM End