Toastmasters Meeting

Friday August 31, 2018 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM
Greeter Nardia Aldridge, DTM
Invocation Open
Toastmaster of the Day Michael Christie, CC, CL
Introduces supporting roles. Leads the meeting.
Ah Counter Member not found
Timer Bruce Pockey, DTM
Vote Counter Member not found
Body Language Monitor Marc Samet, CC, CL
Videographer Member not found
Grammarian Open
Leads word of the day contest.
Topics Master Member not found
Each Table Topics Speaker green Green: 1 yellow Yellow: 1:30 red Red: 2
Humorist Open
Speaker 1 Member not found
"Perseverance, Opportunity and a Better Bike" Leadership Development Level 1 Mastering Fundamentals: Evaluation and Feedback – First Speech (evaluation form)

5-7 minutes

Speaker 2 Bhagawati P Parmar, CC
"Audacity of Hope " COMPETENT COMMUNICATION: 3. Get to the Point (evaluation form)

5 to 7 minutes

Speaker 3 Nardia Aldridge, DTM
"Best Supporting Role Award" SPECIAL OCCASION SPEECHES: 4. Presenting an Award (evaluation form)

3 to 4 minutes

Backup Speaker Open
General Evaluator Member not found
Explains the importance of evaluations. Introduces Evaluators. Asks for Grammarian’s report (1 minute). Asks for Body Language Monitor’s report (1 minute, plus awarding of Best Gestures Ribbon). Gives overall evaluation of the meeting.
Evaluator 1 David F. Carr, DTM
Evaluator 2 Garfield Pitter, PI4
Evaluator 3 Member not found
Each evaluator green Green: 2 yellow Yellow: 2:30 red Red: 3

Theme and Words of the Day

Theme: Labor Day

Words of the Day

unflagging (un·flag·ging)
  1. tireless; persistent.
    “his apparently unflagging enthusiasm impressed her”
    synonyms: tireless, persistent, dogged, tenacious, determined, indefatigable, resolute, steadfast, staunch, single-minded, unrelenting, unfaltering, unfailing
    “an unflagging commitment to the ideals of peace”
respite (res·pite)
  1. 1.
    a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.
    “the refugee encampments will provide some respite from the suffering”
    synonyms: rest, break, breathing space, interval, intermission, interlude, recess, lull, pause, time out; More
  1. 1.
    postpone (a sentence, obligation, etc.).
    “the execution was only respited a few months”
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