Toastmasters Meeting

Friday August 26, 2016 7:00 AM EDT to 8:00 AM EDT
Greeter Open
Invocation Member not found
Toastmaster of the Day Member not found
Introduces supporting roles. Leads the meeting.
Ah Counter Member not found
Timer Member not found
Vote Counter Member not found
Body Language Monitor Member not found
Videographer Open
Grammarian Member not found
Leads word of the day contest.
Topics Master David F. Carr, DTM
Humorist Member not found
Speaker 1 Member not found
Speaker 2 Member not found
Speaker 3 Member not found
Backup Speaker Open
General Evaluator Member not found
Explains the importance of evaluations. Introduces Evaluators. Asks for Grammarian’s report. Asks for Body Language Monitor’s report (and awarding of Best Gestures Ribbon). Gives overall evaluation of the meeting.
Evaluator 1 Bruce Pockey, DTM
Evaluator 2 Member not found
Evaluator 3 Bruce Goldfarb


Theme of the Day: Back to school

Elementary [el-uhmen-tuh-ree, -tree] adjective

1. pertaining to or dealing with elements, rudiments, or first principles:

2. of or relating to an elementary school : elementary teachers.

3. of the nature of an ultimate constituent; simple or uncompounded.

Syntax [sin-taks] noun


  1. the study of the rules for the formation of grammatical sentences in a language.
  2. the study of the patterns of formation of sentences and phrases from words.
  3. the rules or patterns so studied:

2. a system or orderly arrangement.

Computers. the grammatical rules and structural patterns governingthe ordered use of appropriate words and symbols for issuingcommands, writing code, etc., in a particular software application orprogramming language.

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