Toastmasters Meeting

Friday November 4, 2016 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM
Greeter David F. Carr, DTM
Invocation Todd Lesk
Toastmaster of the Day Member not found
Introduces supporting roles. Leads the meeting.
Ah Counter Member not found
Timer Member not found
Vote Counter Member not found
Body Language Monitor Todd Lesk
Videographer Member not found
Grammarian Member not found
Leads word of the day contest.
Topics Master Member not found
Each Table Topics Speaker green Green: 1 yellow Yellow: 1:30 red Red: 2
Humorist Member not found
Speaker 1 Member not found
"Empower Others, Empower Yourself" LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE SERIES: Delegate To Empower (evaluation form)
Speaker 2 Andrew Bern, DTM
"Toastmasters Pathways" COMPETENT COMMUNICATION: 8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids (evaluation form)
Speaker 3 Member not found
"The Body Language of Dating: Lessons Learned In Middle Age" COMPETENT COMMUNICATION: 5. Your Body Speaks (evaluation form)
Backup Speaker Member not found
General Evaluator Bruce Pockey, DTM
Explains the importance of evaluations. Introduces Evaluators. Asks for Grammarian's report. Asks for Body Language Monitor's report (and awarding of Best Gestures Ribbon). Gives overall evaluation of the meeting.
Evaluator 1 Member not found
Evaluator 2 David F. Carr, DTM
Evaluator 3 Member not found
Each evaluator green Green: 2 yellow Yellow: 2:30 red Red: 3


Theme: Staycation

Paradox (par-uh-doks) Noun

1. A statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.

2. A self-contradictory and false proposition.

3. Any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature.

4. An opinion or statement contrary to commonly accepted opinion


(dee-lek-tey-shuh n) Noun

1. delight; enjoyment.