Social Collaboration for Dummies, meet author David F. Carr

Tuesday March 18, 2014 2:00 PM EDT

dummiesSocial Collaboration for Dummies book talk and book signing by author David F. Carr in the Northwest Regional Library Multi-Purpose Room.

Learn how to use social networking in the context of work to boost business productivity. Companies use use online workgroups to organize teams and projects, boosting engagement for remote workers and geographically dispersed teams. In something like the way Facebook has become famous for reuniting old friends, an enterprise social network can bring together employees in different parts of the company with common interests and challenges so they can share what they have learned.

David F. Carr has studied social business and the technologies to support it for InformationWeek and he invested months of additional research in his book, which was published in October. He is also a former President, VP of Education, and current Sgt. of Arms at Club Awesome.

Note: I’ll have copies to sell, or you can buy it on Amazon.