Hybrid Meetings Training for District 47

Tuesday July 13, 2021 7:00 PM EDT to 8:00 PM EDT
Club Awesome President Deborah Pinnock leads a hybrid meeting

Update: See the event replay here.

After more than a year of being forced to meet online (or not at all), Toastmasters clubs now have choices to make. Will they continue meeting entirely online? Phase out online meetings entirely and get back to meeting in person? Or choose the third option: a hybrid meetings format where some members meet in person but online attendance is also allowed?

Many clubs are experimenting with hybrid meetings right now, at least as a transitional measure as the pandemic comes to a close (we hope). Reasons to continue it long term include accommodating members who want to be able to attend when traveling on business, or even after permanently moving away. Hybrid clubs can, if they choose, attract members from far away and invite guest speakers who would not be able to visit in person.

However, the choice to go hybrid should not be undertaken lightly. Doing it right means overcoming technical and logistical challenges and thinking through issues related to club culture. A poorly organized hybrid meeting can leave participants frustrated because they can’t hear or can’t see what’s going on, or they feel left out of separate conversations happening either in the physical meeting room or online.

This workshop will cover the planning you should undertake to make the hybrid meeting experience one that reflects well on Toastmasters as an organization and your club in particular. Workshop leader David F. Carr, DTM, is acting as production manager for hybrid meetings at Club Awesome and will be joined by others who have led successful hybrid meetings.

About the Speaker

David F. Carr, DTM, is a writer, editor, and digital consultant who has spoken at technology conferences internationally. A past president of Club Awesome, he led Online Presenters Toastmasters to charter in 2017. For the Hybrid Harmony article that appeared in the April issue of Toastmasters Magazine, he interviewed hybrid club leaders from around the world.

David also founded the WordPress for Toastmasters project (born at Club Awesome!) and operates the Toastmost.org club website hosting service.

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