Coral Springs Toastmasters Clubs at the Our Town festival, March 13-15

Friday March 13, 2015 6:00 PM EDT

Our TownOur Coral Springs Toastmasters Clubs are joining together to participate in the Our Town America community festival. We need volunteers to man a booth where we will hand out brochures, answer questions, and challenge people to do a sample Table Topic on the spot.

We have a chance to make a big, positive impression on the crowd as part of the entertainment program in three different 30-minute opportunities — we will get to do our thing on stage during changeovers between other performers at these times:

  • Friday – 9:30 pm
  • Saturday – 9:30 pm
  • Sunday – 2:30 pm

For each of these, we will need to recruit a master of ceremonies and other volunteers to make this come off smoothly. We have to make sure it is entertaining, not just educational, but we will also ask people to come by our booth to find out more.

Entertainment program preliminary plan:

Table Topics: hold a game show-style Table Topics competition. After having some of our members show how it is done, we ask for volunteers from the audience. See if we can get some cute kids and brave adults. Voting for winners by applause of the crowd.

Master of Ceremonies wrap-up: Interview one or more longtime Toastmasters about what they have learned and why they keep coming back. Make a few observations about what our volunteers from the crowd did well in their Table Topics.

Volunteer lineup as of Feb. 28

write to to add your name to this list.


Booth: Friday 6-8 pm.

David Carr (Awesome)

Lisa Sanchez (Achievers)

Booth: Friday 8-10 pm.

Carol Edwards (WB)

David Carr (Awesome) – will also support stage show 9-9:30, stay late if it generates interest past 10 pm

MC/Table Topics 9:30-10

Marty Stockdale (Achievers)

Additional star performers

Lois Margolin (Awesome) – send a runner to get her from ABWA booth

David Carr (Awesome)

Heather Mahoney (Div A Governor)

Emerson Mahoney


Booth: Saturday 9-11 am.

Eran Arbel (Achievers)

Cristina Attai (Awesome)

Booth: Saturday 11 am-1pm.

Cristina Attai (Awesome)

Calvin Chow (Chinese)

Booth: Saturday 1-3 pm.

Federico Mercado (Achievers)

Toby Condill (Achievers)

Calvin Chow (Chinese)

Booth: Saturday 3-5 pm.

Federico Mercado (Achievers)

Malathi Palaniappa (Awesome)

Booth: Saturday 5-7 pm.

David Carr (Awesome)

David Carr (Awesome)

Sydonie Neysmith (Achievers)

Booth: Saturday 7-9pm.

Denise Richardson (WB)

Lisa Sanchez (Achievers)

Booth: Saturday 9-11pm

Denise Richardson (WB)

Andrew Bern (Awesome)

Marilyn Brown (Awesome)

MC/Table Topics 9:30-10

Bruce Pockey (Awesome)

Additional star performers

Andy Bern (Awesome)

Shawn Walker (Awesome)

Marilyn Brown (Awesome)


Booth: Sunday 11am-1 pm.

Jon Dick (Achievers)

Cristina Attai (Awesome)

Booth: Sunday 1-3 pm.

Nadia Quintal (WB)

Toby Condill (Achievers) – also stage show

Booth: Sunday 3-5 pm.

Denise Richardson (WB)

Jeanine Kinsey (Outspoken) following stage show

Booth: Sunday 5-6 pm and cleanup.

Jeanine Kinsey (Outspoken)

Lois Margolin and husband Les can help with taking down banner

MC/Table Topics 2:30-3

Jeanine Kinsey (Outspoken + District LG Ed)

Additional star performers 2:30-3

Ruth Field Beck (District secretary – Timer for Table Topics, networker / greeter)

Toby Condill (Achievers) – also booth 1-3

Joy Carter (former member of Awesome, Coral Springs City Commissioner)