Club Awesome Open House (Member Role Signup)

Saturday June 9, 2012 10:00 AM EDT

If you’d like to attend as a guest, please see

This is the volunteer signup page.

Refreshments Organizer Open

Responsible for food budget, picking up, setting up food

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Preliminary Agenda
10 – 10:30 Meet and greet over continental breakfast
10:30 – 11:30 (at the latest) Toastmasters Presentation
11:30 – noon – networking / recruiting
Breakdown of Toastmasters Presentation
  • MC David Carr: Introduction, Mission of Toastmasters
  • Invocation and pledge
  • Brief Overview of Toastmasters Program: Vice President of Education Lorraine Campbell
  • MC explains structure of presentation, which will include a condensed Toastmasters meeting.
  • MC introduces speakers
  • Speech #1: Fred Segal (example speech from a relatively new member)
  • Speech #2: Gordon Smith (example of an advanced speech, humorous)
  • MC Introduces Evaluators
  • Evaluation #1: Edith Oliva
  • Evaluation #2: TBD
  • MC Introduces Topics Master
  • Topics Master: Juan Justiniano
    – Select 2-3 Toastmasters
    – Ask for volunteers among guests (reassure them no one will be called on unless they raise their hand)
  • MC asks for reports from Timer, Grammarian, Body Language Monitor, Ah Counter. Each of these supporting players explains their role and its purpose.
  • Closing argument: Why You Should Join Our Club
    – Representative from Outspoken Toastmasters TBD
    – Representative from Club Achievers TBD
    – Club Awesome: Frank Kudrna, VP Membership
  • MC invites questions from the audience (time permitting)
  • MC thanks guests for attending and invites them to stay and talk; encourages guests to attend a regular meeting of one or more of the local clubs.