Pathways Tutorials

Pathways has arrived! Although existing members have until 2020 to transition to the new system, many of us are choosing to dive into Pathways today. Furthermore, all new members who join after May 15, 2018 are automatically part of the Pathways education program.

Ideally, all members will take the first steps of logging in and choosing their first Pathways path, regardless of whether you are ready to start Pathways now, want to continue in the previous education program, or work in both simultaneously.

For All Members: The First Steps to Take in Pathways

We encourage all members to take these first steps. Use the following videos for a demonstration of precisely what you can expect to see when you first encounter Pathways online.

If you get stuck at any step in the process, be sure to get in touch with our VPE for additional support. Our club leaders are here to help members make the most of their Pathways experience.

Step 1: Login to the Toastmasters International website.

Step 2: Enable pop-ups for Base Camp.

  • One of the tricky things you need to do the very first time you login to Base Camp (the Pathways online system) is to enable pop-ups in your web browser.
  • You should only have to do this once for the computer and web browser you use to access your account.
  • The Pathways system involves interactive presentations and other tutorial features that use pop-up windows, making this a necessary step.

Step 3: Take the Pathways assessment.

  • It’s time to choose your first path. By completing the online assessment, you can evaluate your personal interests and get a recommended selection of paths.
  • Note that you can still choose any path you want. In fact, it’s a good idea to identify paths you’re interested in prior to taking the assessment. Use this website to examine the projects included in each path. That way, you can be prepared to select an alternative path, even if you don’t like the results you get from the assessment.

Step 4: Finalize your Pathways enrollment by confirming your first path.

  • After taking the assessment and determining what your first path will be, you need to formally confirm your choice in the system.
  • Congratulations! At this point, you are officially enrolled in Pathways. This is where Toastmasters International wants all members worldwide to be.
  • From here, you can choose to begin working on your Pathways path, but you are under no pressure to do so. If you were a club member prior to May 15, 2018, you may continue working in the previous education program through mid-2020 as part of the transition period.

For Members Who are Ready to Begin Their Journey in Pathways

This section is for members who are ready to dive into their Pathways path. It all begins with The Ice Breaker project. It is also important to become familiar with how the online system works, since this is how you will access your educational materials.

Step 5: Find The Ice Breaker project within your path.

  • One thing hasn’t changed about the education program. We all begin our professional development journey with The Ice Breaker speech. Here’s how to find it.

Step 6: Familiarize yourself with how Pathways online modules work.

  • This video demonstrates the basic navigation features of Pathways modules. Similar to the paper manuals of the past, this is where you will access the valuable learning content in the education program.