Hybrid Meeting Setup

See the replay video of the July 29, 2023 hybrid meeting workshop by Club Awesome’s David F. Carr or check out the multi-speaker event below from Online Presenters Toastmasters.

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Additional Resources

Wireless mic demo.

We’re in the process of updating some of the information below.

Production manager for the day should bring a laptop and a fully charged smartphone to the meeting. Plan to arrive by 6:30 am so you can be online by 6:45 to greet members and guests prior to the meeting starting at 7.

Computer Placement

Arrange desks so laptop can be positioned beneath the projector, with an HDMI cable (from our equipment locker) plugged into the back of the projector.

Stretch the power cord from the wall and arrange desks so no one will trip over the power cord. Leave room for club members to be able to walk up a center aisle between the desks.

Plug the port extender into the laptop with a USB cable. We have an adapter (labeled in an envelope) for laptops that only have the smaller USB-C port. The other USB devices (webcam and speakerphone) and the HDMI cable can be plugged into the port extender.

The port extender must be plugged in and powered on. Other devices will get their power through a USB connection.

Port extender used to connect HDMI and USB devices

Webcam and Speakerphone Placement

Mount the webcam on a tripod. Place it at the end of the table, facing toward the lectern.

Place the speakerphone in approximately the same position. Make sure the cables from the webcam and speakerphone stretch to the computer.

If a second laptop is available, place it with the screen facing toward the lectern, allowing a person speaking from the lectern to see the audience and timer, place it next to the webcam and speakerphone. Pin the video of the timer to make it easy for the speaker to see the timing lights.

Audience Cam

We use a smart phone on a tripod mount as our audience camera.

Join Zoom from the phone, using Audience Cam as the participant name. AUDIO MUST BE TURNED OFF

Position the phone horizontally. Toggle from selfie view to the front facing camera.

Point camera toward the audience. Zoom in slightly.

Zoom Settings

The Zoom account for the computer connected to the webcam and speakerphone should be renamed “Lectern Cam” to distinguish it from the individual participants.

Select the Echo Canceling Speakerphone and NexiGo webcam.

Make sure the external webcam is selected from among the video options. Make sure the speakerphone is selected for both microphone and speakers.

Zoom should be full screen. Probably in speaker view most of the time.

Try to minimize the use of onscreen controls while the computer screen is being projected. The computer connected to the projector can’t be used effectively for Zoom master duties like muting participants; have someone else do that, or use a separate device.


Only one speaker and one microphone should be active in the meeting room — the conference room speakerphone. If other members want to use laptops or phones during the meeting, make sure they know how to mute the speaker of the device. Clicking the mute button in Zoom only mutes the microphone, not the speakers.

Mute speaker (Windows)

Keep the power and connector cords off the floor, where no one can trip on them.

Make sure the electronic equipment is secured between meetings.

The webcam includes a built-in privacy shutter – make sure it is open!

Check that the HDMI video cable is plugged into the back of the projector.

Alternate Layout

Setup using the HDMI cable coming out of the wall.

The laptop or computer must be close to where the HDMI video cable for the projector comes out of the wall.

Place the computer on one of the small desks next to the equipment cabinet.