Your Toastmasters Journey

When you become a Toastmaster, you begin a journey of personal and professional development.

Achieve Your Goals

As a Club Awesome member, you are free to explore the Toastmasters program at your own pace. Some people want to overcome the nervousness and fear that comes with first-time speaking. Others want to give better presentations in their professional work. A few even want to become professional speakers. Whatever you professional development goals may be, we will help you achieve them.

Furthermore, Toastmasters isn’t only about speaking. You will also actively participate in a variety of roles during meetings that help you develop your leadership skills and strengthen your personal relationships with other members.

In this video, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) Lois Margolin shares an original story about achieving your goals as a Toastmaster.

Learn from Experience

Our club has members from a wide variety of experience levels. Some members are speaking publicly for the very first time. Others are comfortable speaking, but have made the decision to work on polishing their speaking skills. In addition, we have a number of accomplished speakers. For instance, several members have achieved the highest Toastmasters award (Distinguished Toastmasters or DTMs), while others have won speaking contests. What this means is that you will have always have companions to grow along with and mentors to learn from throughout your Toastmasters journey.

Become Part of a Diverse Community

People of many kinds join Club Awesome. We have business professionals and entrepreneurs (accounting, insurance, real estate, IT, medicine, teaching, just to name a few), as well as people seeking a new career. Others want to make a difference in their family or local community. For example, some practice speaking to prepare for a family wedding, raise money for a church, or take part in local town hall meetings. Regardless of your purpose for speaking, you will be treated with respect.