Dues Renewal

6-Month or 12-Month Dues Dues Renewal

We offer a small discount to members who pay 6 or 12 months of club dues, in addition to Toastmasters International dues, at the same time.

$60 Toastmasters International renewal for 6 months
$72 Club dues renewal 6 months
$132 Total
$125 Discounted price per 6 months

Dues: 125.00

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Paying Dues For
Option: renew for 12 months, not 6. Fee: $250

Renew for 12 months | Renew for 6 months

Club Awesome-Only Dues

If you paid your 6-month dues to Toastmasters International directly, you can pay just the club portion here — and still get the discount for paying 6 months at a time.

$65.00 usd
Club-Only Dues

Special Payments

To make a special payment for a different amount, click here. This would typically be for a purpose other than paying dues.