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You are welcome to contact our board members for Club Awesome Toastmasters inquires related to their specialty areas. Alternatively, you may use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

2017 – 2018 Board

Garfield Pitter, President

  • Working to make us more awesome
  • Your first point of contact for most needs
  • Phone: (954) 618 – 7134
  • Email:

Lois Margolin, Vice President Membership

  • Welcoming awesome new members and guests
  • If you ever so much as thought about joining, this is the person you need to meet
  • Phone: (954) 647 – 9484
  • Email:

John M. Quick, Vice President Public Relations

  • Making sure everyone knows we’re awesome through the press, digital media, and outreach efforts
  • You saw a typo somewhere on the website and it really bothers yuo
  • Phone: (515) 999 – 5515
  • Email:

Stacey Cohen, Vice President Education

  • Helping you learn about the awesome Toastmasters education program
  • Supporting members to reach their professional development goals

Todd Lesk, Secretary

  • Maintaining records and keeping track of all the awesome things we do
  • Watching you

Randy Ostreich, Treasurer

  • Managing the budget required to keep us awesome
  • Prevents us from being audited, but if you are being audited, can probably help

Marc Samet, Sergeant at Arms

  • Lifting heavy objects and other awesome jobs
  • Brings us food and coffee, which for some, is the most important responsibility of the board

Lorraine Campbell, Immediate Past President

  • Helping the new board carry on her legacy
  • Recovering from the past year as president

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