Standard Agenda

Sgt. of Arms: Call to order, invocation and pledge

President: mission, self-introductions.

VP. Education: Educational Minute

Treasurer’s Report: New Members

Toastmaster of the Day, introduces:

Ah Counter

Body Language Monitor


Vote counter

Grammarian (word of the day contest, vote)

Table Topics (timer’s report, vote)


5-Minute Break

Formal Speeches (timer’s report, vote)

Evaluations (timer’s report, vote)

General Evaluator, reports from Body Language Monitor (best guestures ribbon), Grammarian

Toastmaster: Awards

President: Concluding remarks

Schedule for next week.

Club Dues: Please pay your club dues of $5 per week. See Treasurer Bruce Goldfarb if you need to get caught up. Prepayment discount: $104 for 26 weeks