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  • Free Resources for Tracking Your Toastmasters Achievements

    The Toastmasters education program can be complex to navigate, especially for new members. Your professional development opportunities extend far beyond practicing a few speeches. For instance, you may go on to experiment with many varieties of speaking opportunities, taking on leadership roles at multiple levels, and supporting your local community. To keep track of your [Read More]

  • Club Awesome Member Austin Felton in Presenting the Community

    Congratulations to Austin Felton for representing Club Awesome in the Presenting the Community project. Austin has been a member and Toastmaster since March 2017 (less than 6 months). He demonstrates the rapid improvement you can achieve as a speaker and makes a convincing argument for why you should come visit us at 7 a.m. on [Read More]

  • What Makes a Story Humorous?

    A few months ago, I spoke to the Club Awesome Toastmasters about a technique for adding humor to stories. The speech was titled “Don’t Tell the Truth!” and the basic concept was to take a normal situation and put an unexpected spin on it to make it funny. My evaluator, David Carr, wondered how I [Read More]

  • Awesome Table Topics Improv: Twin Brothers on a Plane

    Thanks to Club Awesome Topicsmaster Liza Davis for a rousing Table Topics session today that involved paired improvisational speaking (improv) activities. One of the activities involved Lorenzo White and Marc Samet acting as twin brothers on a plane with an obnoxious sleeping passenger in the middle seat between them. Here we see Lorenzo leaning around [Read More]

  • 3 Powerful Speeches: Stacey Cohen, John Quick, Chengtao Wang

    Most of the time, we use video in the club as a teaching tool, sharing it privately so members can see their performances after the meeting. At our February 3 meeting, all three featured speeches were so strong we asked permission to make them public. These videos are not technically perfect, but I hope the [Read More]