The speech videos are marked “unlisted” in YouTube per our usual practice, but the testimonial Table Topics are public (speak up now if you want us to destroy the evidence).

Nardia Aldridge: Become A Better Speaker Workshop August 24, 2018

Michael Christie: Anthropological Theories of Diffrences in Communication styles Between Men and Women, Project: 8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids August 24, 2018

Member Testimonials for Club Awesome Toastmasters

Video policy: speech videos are intended as a tool for speakers to see their own performances and think about how they can improve. Even though these are on YouTube, they are published as “unlisted” by default, meaning they won’t show up in search results. Don’t forward these links or post them on Facebook or in any other forum without the speaker’s permission. From time to time, we may ask a speaker for permission to use a video as part of our marketing of the club. Volunteers are also welcome – if you’re proud of a particular speech, let us know.

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