I got a request a few weeks ago to do video for more portions of the meeting, which I said I can do occasionally but not all the time. Our final 2017 meeting turned out to be the occasion. Not only did I record and upload the evaluations, but we broadcast Table Topics on Facebook Live (replay here).

Doing Facebook Live breaks with our usual rule that speakers get to review the video before it is published, but the Table Topics contestants were told they could opt out (none did). Usual ground rules apply to the videos shared below. Please let me know if you ever feel my technological enthusiasms are interfering with our meetings, rather than enhancing them, but thanks for giving me the opportunity to experiment. – David

Chengtao Wang: Tidy Up!

Lois Margolin: Storytelling

Bruce Pockey: Future of Health Insurance

Daniel Prudhomme evaluates Chengtao Wang

Garfield Pitter evaluates Lois Margolin

Randy Ostreich evaluates Bruce Pockey

Club Awesome video policy: speech videos are intended as a tool for speakers to see their own performances and think about how they can improve. Even though these are on YouTube, they are published as “unlisted” by default, meaning they won’t show up in search results. Don’t forward these links or post them on Facebook or in any other forum without the speaker’s permission. From time to time, we may ask a speaker for permission to use a video as part of our marketing of the club. Volunteers are also welcome – if you’re proud of a particular speech, let us know.

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