Club Meeting Minutes: July 25, 2016


July 25, 2016



Lorraine Campbell (President)

Lois Margolin (VP of Membership)

Jenny Ayala (VP of Public Relations)

Dorrette Keen (Secretary)



Bruce Pockey (VP of Education)

Letha Palcqynski ( Treasurer)

Garfield Pitter (Stg. of Arms)


Attachments: Agenda & Amended June 15, 2016 Board Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:26 pm.


President’s Opening Remarks:

President Lorraine Campbell thanked board members present for attending and apologized for those absent. She declared that the year will be a year of connecting not only in our club, but also with other clubs in Area 24. One way in which we have already started that effort she mentioned, is with fliers featuring all clubs in our area. She also expressed how much she looks forward to a successful year and working with everyone to accomplish our goals.


Minutes from Last Meeting

Secretary Dorrette Keen, distributed copies of the June 15, 2016 Minutes. She apologized for the delay in getting this Minutes out prior to the meeting. Corrections as to members present and absent were made and motions to accept minutes done 1st by Lois Margolin and 2nd by Lorraine Campbell. (Corrected/Amended Minutes Attached).


Treasurer’s Report:

Lorraine Campbell reported that a Financial Report will be sent out via email and that treasurer Letha Pelczynski will be meeting with past treasurer Christina to finish ironing out financial and complete their transition. We are however very stable financial and we look forward to maintaining that status.


VP of Education

Lorraine Campbell, suggested that help be provided in the Vice President of Education Department as that role requires a lot of work due to the huge responsibility the office requires. One way in which we can help as a club is to reinstate a mentor program which was established in the past by past president Edith Olivia. This program would allow mentors and members to work closely which will result in more members accomplishing their goals and the club accomplishing it’s goals also. In this way the members and the clubs goals on a whole would be accomplished. After thorough discussion as to how the mentor program would work best and produce greater results. The conclusion was made to first decide eligibility requirements to be a mentor and to find out who would like to commit to being a mentor. Training will be provided weather through a teaching session or video format. A survey will also be done to see the current status of mentor-ship in our club.

It was also decided that in addition to having mentors that we will also have a Panel of Advisers who would work with members on different projects and speeches in addition to the members working with their individual mentors. Mentors are only committed to working with new members for the first 3 speeches. After which the member is free to work with advisers. The following are suggested names for the Panel of Advisors: Dorrette Keen, Lois Margolin, Lorraine, Campbell, Marilyn Brown, Bruce Pockey, Bruce Goldfarb, Freddie Barber, Daniel Prudome, Edith Olivia, Fernando Lopez, Diane Diamantes and Dr. Andy Bern.   Lorraine will be following through with getting the mentor program up and running.


VP of Marketing

VP -Marketing Jenny Ayala, expressed her excitement to fill this office and has been working with past VP of Marketing David Carr for a smooth transition. She also looks forward to establishing a committee to help her with her goals for this year.

Some of the goals to be accomplished this year she mentioned are:

1. Having a more active presence on Facebook. Posting pictures of club meetings, contest etc.

2. Creating a WhatsApp account which would be used as another medium through which connection and support of members would be encouraged and members can have an additional medium to provide encouragement and support to each other.

3. Establishing a LinkedIn Account which would share how to do speeches and also gain connections outside our club.

4. Speech Crafts

5. Connection for advertisement on local media arenas

6. Toastmasters Calendar

7. BSO Ads.

She will keep us informed as to the progress of each endeavor as time progresses.

Lorraine, mention the opportunity to be on community commercials and PSA Radio Ads for Seasonal Advertisements and will be introducing these great opportunities and seeking our club member’s involvement to make it a group effort. These ads will also be placed on our website and Social Media Outlets to continue our exposure endeavors. Lorraine introduced us to a organization called the Moth from which she looks forward to get some ideas for the PSA project.

Lois, inquired as to the acquiring of business cards. It was decided that we will hold off on those for now considering our aim to have commercials, PSA Radio Ads, more social media presence and heavy distribution of our fliers.

VP-Membership Report:

Lois Margolin, reported that we have a healthy membership base and have been able to maintain it for quite a while for which she is happy and proud.

She will be working with David and Jenny to remove members who are on our website data base but not current with International Toastmasters. In this way those inactive members would not have to receive our emails or be contacted to fill meeting rules.

Dorrette, our past VM of membership reported that members who are not current or active have not been able to be active due to their work and/or school schedule or responsibilities. She mentioned that she encouraged those members to seek clubs base on their available schedule so they may continue their journey on improving their communication and leadership goals.

Lois, suggested that Competent Communication and Competent Leadership Manuals be purchased and be available for New members to have access to immediately especially if pay by check. This will alleviate their delayed involvement and get them plugged in as soon as possible, working out of their manuals and getting credit. Suggestion was accepted by board members present.

Lois, also expressed concern with future membership renewal and getting new members to join after the increase of fee to $45 starting October. The board hopes this increase will not affect membership.

Secretary Report:

No outstanding matters.

Sergeant of Arms:

Lorraine, will be speaking with treasurer Letha regarding ordering of new ribbons. She will also be getting meeting roles laminated and available for continued usage verses making and distributing copies weekly.

Additional Matters:

Lois, questioned why participants were not given a certificates at our club’s Humorous Contest and suggested they be given participation certificates at our upcoming Evaluation Contest. Some participants might have been serving for their very first time and showing appreciation that way would be an encouragement to them and future participants. Suggestion taken.

President Lorraine Campbell, closed out meeting again expressing gratitude to those in attendance and the board on a whole for willingness to serve.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:08pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Dorrette Keen

2016-2017 Club Awesome Secretary

Club Meeting Minutes: June 15, 2016



Participants: Lois Margolin (VP Membership), Dorrette Keen (Secretary), Lorraine Campbell (President), Garfield Pitter (SAA), Bruce Pockey (VP of Education).

Guests: Andy Bern (Outgoing Secretary), David Carr (Outgoing VP of Public Relations).

Absent: Letha Palczynski (Tresurer)  and Jenny Ayala (VP of Public Relations).

Meeting Called to order at 8:00 pm by Lois Margolin immediately following previous Board meeting 2015-2016 executive board.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 pm after adopting the motion to adjourn which was seconded.

Attachments: Agenda and Tasks by the District Timeline.

Agenda Item: Discussion: Action
President’s Opening
Success Plan and direction for the club discussed. Goal for the year: by the end of the year, Lois, David, Andy will work for DTM to walk in November, 2016

Members to complete CC: Brian, Garfield, Kia, Cristiana, Yenny, Kim, Stacy.

Members to complete AC: Diane, ACB, Lorraine, ACS, Dorrette, ACS


Information accepted and filed
Members to complete leadership: Lorraine CL

Members to complete AL: Lorraine, David Carr, Diane, Freddie Barber


Report of the Club Awesome Board of Directors (2445), Division B, District 47, Region 8


Respectfully submitted by:

Andrew I. Bern, MD, FACEP, Secretary of Club Awesome (Club 2445)