Storytelling: a Compelling Story Makes Any Speech Better

A compelling story makes any speech better. Lorraine Campbell shows how it’s done.

About the Speaker

Lorraine Campbell currently serves as an active board member for the Customer Involved Government Committee with the City of Coral Springs. She has served on the board since 2005 and has been a member of The Youth Voting committee and chaired The Green Initiative Focus Group.

With a passion for public speaking, Lorraine joined Toastmasters over 10 years ago. During her tenure with Toastmasters, Lorraine has received numerous accolades on local and divisional levels. She has also been able to form successful mentorships, teaching Public Speaking and Leadership skills to students of all ages. Lorraine’s skills as a presenter brings a unique perspective to a variety of topics while making subject matters fun and easy to comprehend.

As a coach, Lorraine has been able to help countless people overcome the fear and anxiety associated with speaking in front of an audience. She obtained her DTM three years ago – and now has the honor and privilege of calling herself a Distinguish Toastmaster.

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback (Replay)

“Feedback” is so much more than that special section of our Toastmasters meetings where we receive an immediate evaluation of our speech. If only it worked like that in “real life” too!

Throughout both our personal and professional lives, we are often faced with giving, as well as receiving feedback. At work, for instance, you may be both on the giving and receiving end. It’s an important part of employee evaluations, but also of daily interactions with colleagues, employees, and supervisors.

At home, feedback is an important part of any healthy relationship – with your children, parents, spouse, siblings, and friends.

But are we doing it in the best possible way?

Come learn from our three excellent panelists how you can turn feedback giving & receiving from basic skills to an art form.

Our panelists are:

Dorrette Keen: Distinguished Toastmaster and a Certified John C. Maxwell Speaker Speaker, Trainer, and Coach. Dorrette has been empowering individuals and groups in Business and Not for Profit arenas, motivating, and inspiring them to step out of their comfort zones and go beyond, sometimes their own unrealized limits, placed on themselves. 

Andre Kelly: Distinguished Toastmaster, CEO and Founder of Public Speaking, a certified professional speaker, corporate trainer, and coach, having presented over three hundred motivational talks on platforms all across the world.

Donna Marrah: certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer, who works with organizations to develop leaders. She provides coaching, speaking, training and mentoring services to assist individuals in achieving personal and professional growth. 

Learn from these three exceptional speakers!

  • How to become intentional about giving valuable feedback in the workplace
  • How to position yourself to receive feedback in the workplace
  • The importance of using feedback to grow yourself and others in the workplace
  • Listen to understand, not to answer
  • Learn about the people you want to influence
  • Prepare in advance for difficult conversations.

Replay: Let your voice (and your accent) be heard in your next speech

Thanks to Edith Oliva of Communicating Cultures, a former Club Awesome President, for this program on how those who speak a second language can learn to communicate more effectively.

This was a Club Awesome community event held March 20, 2021. An interruption in the program caused by technical difficulties has been edited out.

Video: “Speak to Win!” by Justin Marguriet, District Humorous Speaking Champion

Justin Marguriet, the Toastmasters District 47 Humorous Speaking Champion for 2020, was our guest speaker on August 14. Hear what he has to say about why you should compete in the humorous contest, his tips on speaking on Zoom, and how you can write a winning speech in less than a week.

Justin Marguriet is ready for his closeup

For inspiration, watch the speeches of all the District 47 humorous speech finalists.

See Tyler Storer’s District Contest Speech

After winning contests at the club, area, and division level, Tyler Storer competed against some of the best speakers from South Florida and The Bahamas on May 29. His speech: “Once Cut Down, One Grows Back Stronger.”

Video: Bruce Pockey, “I Had a Whole Different Speech Planned”

Longtime member Bruce Pockey delivers an Icebreaker, the introductory speech which is the first speech every Toastmaster gives — and one that’s worth returning to because introducing ourselves to the world is something we do all the time.

Video: Better Speaker Workshop

The opening ceremony and keynote by Godfrey McAllister

“So You Think You Can Compete?” Panel Discussion

Lois Margolin: Why You Should Compete in the Humorous Speech Contest

Devin Dickerson Humorous Speech

Bernard Campbell: Evaluations in the Real World

Dorrette Keen: Evaluations

Speaker: Fernando Lopez

Evaluator: Luiz Bravim

Dorrette Keen: Evaluations (Follow Up)