YouTube: Create and Grow a Channel – Replay and Resources

With more than 12.7K subscribers, Jim and Chris Guld’s YouTube channel is at the center of their business teaching technology for travelers as Geeks on Tour. While they originally built their fanbase by traveling the country and giving lectures at RV rallies, today many of the paid members of their subscription website find them through their recorded videos and YouTube Live broadcasts.

They joined us to share what they’ve learned about capturing and keeping viewers’ attention.

This hybrid meeting had some technical difficulties (see Running a Hybrid Meeting When Things Go Wrong), so the video quality is not ideal but the message shone through. See the additional resources below, including Chris’s tutorial on creating YouTube thumbnails.

More Resources

Here is the link to the slide presentation

Here is the link to the “make thumbnail with Canva “ video

Here is the live stream Chris broadcast from her phone during her presentation.

Running a Hybrid Meeting When Things Go Wrong

Running a hybrid meeting or event will occasionally test your patience, your inventiveness, and your sanity — as it did for this special workshop when we learned the internet was out for the facility where we meet (the Panthers Ice Den in Coral Springs).

Most weeks, we rely on a reasonably strong public WiFi signal to broadcast from our meeting room. If the WiFi is down and can’t be restored quickly, we’ve had to fall back on using a member’s mobile phone as a hotspot.

Don’t know how to use your phone as a hotspot? The Geeks cover that as part in a video tutorial about staying connected on the go. They often broadcast from campgrounds in remote locations, so they have a lot of experience. Even for them, broadcasting from the middle of an almost windowless building, an ice rink, posed special challenges because even the 5G coverage in our area was weak.

We used one phone’s hot spot for the video from within the room while Jim Guld used a separate hotspot and Zoom connection to show slides and and other onscreen visuals.