“The Elements of Online Presentation Style,” David F. Carr, DTM

David F. Carr, DTM, shares practical tips from his own experience and from experts in online presentations, including 2020 World Champions of Public Speaking Mike Carr and 2022 2nd place winner Alexandre Matte.

David is a past president of Club Awesome and the founding president of Online Presenters Toastmasters, where members practice skills for delivering webinars and online presentations of all sorts. He has also been one of the organizers of an educational conference series that attracted some of the world’s best online speakers. In addition, he is the author of the book Social Collaboration for Dummies and has studied the evolution of the digital workplace. He has published several articles in Toastmasters Magazine, including a recent one on tips for hybrid clubs.

Here are some follow-up resources from David Carr’s presentation on online presentation style.

Interview with Mike Carr, 2020 World Champion of Public Speaking

World Champion Speaker Mike Carr: “Virtual is here to stay … why not get good at it?”

Cat Mulvihill: “7 tips to lead more engaging virtual presentations”

Cat Mulvihill’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@CatMulvihill

Online Presenters Toastmasters – see promo for the webinar contest on the home page, as well as many workshop replays

Contact David F. Carr david@toastmost.org

David is available to present to other clubs and districts on smart use of technology, also including hybrid meeting strategies and more dynamic and mobile-friendly websites for marketing, recruiting, and meeting organization.