Club Awesome Seeks Donations for Hurricane Harvey Relief

September 6, 2017 Update: Due to Hurricane Irma in Florida, our collection efforts are postponed. However, they will continue once our regular meetings resume. In the meantime, you may visit the Salvation Army website to make a direct contribution.

Natural disasters are no stranger to Florida residents, who face annual threats from hurricanes. Most of the time, we are fortunate not to experience the level of danger and destruction recently caused by Hurricane Harvey in Southeast Texas.

Club Awesome members, as well as our guests in the local community, are invited to donate essential goods to support disaster relief through the Salvation Army. We will collect goods donations at our September 8, 2017 (TBD) meeting, which will be contributed to the Salvation Army. See the Salvation Army website for details on supporting the disaster relief.

For details on this effort, please contact immediate past president Lorraine Campbell at (954) 448-0421.