Outbreak! Take Shelter in the IceDen

Toastmasters Warning: An outbreak has taken over Coral Springs, FL. We have confirmed that our old meeting location in the Keller Williams building has been affected. It is no longer safe for any Club Awesome members to visit this location. Fortunately, the outbreak started sometime after our final meeting on July 28, 2017. To date, no members have been afflicted.

Avoid our old meeting location!

What We Know: Little is known about the outbreak at this time. Spectators have described the afflicted as lurching around in apparent confusion, banging on doors and windows, and gently weeping along the curbside.

Action Plan: We have relocated our meeting location indefinitely. From August 4, 2017 until further notice, make sure that you attend Club Awesome meetings at our new location: Florida Panthers IceDen, 3299 Sportsplex Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065 (Directions). Rumor has it that this is the only place cool enough to prevent the outbreak from spreading. Indeed, it may be one of the last viable meeting locations that remains once all is said and done.

Join us at our new meeting location!