Table Topics winners

3 Speakers, One Question – Impromptu Speaking Contest (Video)

One of the most valuable skills you can learn in Toastmasters is how to think on your feet — come up with an intelligent and maybe even entertaining response to a surprise question. That’s good practice for the unexpected in life and business.

The Table Topics impromptu speaking exercise that is a feature of most Toastmasters meetings is so important we hold an annual contest for the best impromptu speech at our club, with the winner going on to compete at higher levels — area, division and district (South Florida and The Bahamas).

The speakers whose videos are included below were the top 3 in our club’s recent contest.

The prompt they all responded to was: “I found a box in the attic …”

John Quick – 1st place, Table Topics Contest

Daniel Prudhomme – 2nd place, Table Topics Contest

Randy Ostreich – 3rd place, Table Topics Contest