Video: “Father John Kiernan – The Uncle,” a belated eulogy by Marilyn Brown

In his evaluation of this speech, longtime club member Michael Caserta observed that being able to give a good eulogy is a valuable life skill. Having done that duty for both his parents, he said that if he learned nothing else in Toastmasters, having the speaking skills at that moment would have made the experience worthwhile.

Before beginning her speech, Club President Marilyn Brown began by giving some context about what it’s like to deliver a eulogy. Here is the written introduction she gave to the Toastmaster of the Day presiding over the meeting:

Marilyn Brown – is working out of the Advanced Communicator Series – “The Special Occasion Speech”.

She is delivering Speech Number 2 – Speaking in Praise

  • The objective is to honor someone, either living or dead
  • Address 5 areas concerning the individual and his or her accomplishments
  • Include anecdotes illustrating the points.

Marilyn’s uncle, a Catholic Priest, died 15 years ago this coming January. At his funeral service, there were a few priests who delivered a Eulogy and spoke about Fr. Kiernan as the priest.

Marilyn has always regretted that a family member did not deliver a Eulogy talking about Fr. John, The Uncle.

Today, she will deliver the Eulogy that is way over due.