Video: How Toastmasters Can Save a Marriage

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But by applying a few basic Toastmasters techniques, a husband can get himself out of trouble.

This actually Gordon’s adaptation of a prize-winning contest speech by John Zimmerman. You can see the original here: and Zimmerman also wrote a related blog post on the anatomy of a humorous speech.

Gordon explains:
The author of the speech, titled ” A Way Out” is John Zimmerman. I know he would be happy with others using the material from reading his blogs and notes from other TM’s. For me this was a stretch to try and be funny for 5-7 min and I liked the format and his written anatomy and critique of his own speech. The hardest part is writing the material and this gave me a base, as most comics have writers. Anyway, the important thing was I learned a great deal by watching many humorous speeches online and would encourage others to do the same. …  He stressed the importance of the impact of combinations of three things in a series.