Video: Table Topics Example

One of the most challenging, but also most useful, parts of Toastmasters is the impromptu speaking challenge, Table Topics. In this example, the member serving as Topics Master (Lorraine Campbell) challenges two members to answer the same question. That’s is the way it’s done in a formal Toastmasters contest. On other occasions, members are called on to answer slightly different questions on the same theme. Either way, Table Topics is one of the was we learn to think on our feet. That’s a useful skill in life and business, not just in public speaking.

The speakers shown here (Bruce Pockey, followed by Alex Scott) gave permission for the publication of this video, while a third contestant declined. We use video recording as a teaching tool, but members always have the option of asking not to be recorded and the videos are distributed privately by default.

We’re sharing this series of videos to help dramatize the value of Toastmasters and attract more members to Club Awesome.